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We Accept Pet Insurance!

For the same reasons that you don’t risk walking around without insurance, you shouldn’t risk leaving your pet uninsured. Pet insurance is important because it can help you avoid high costs of veterinary care if your pet gets into an accident or falls ill unexpectedly. Because we truly care about providing veterinary care that you can afford, we at Vet24 in Perth accept pet insurance claims for emergencies and veterinary services. We make this a stress-free process for both you and your pets.

The Importance of Pet Insurance

It’s important to have your pet insured for a number of reasons. Regular visits to the vet can be rather expensive, but this is not something you should avoid, as neglect could only lead to more expensive problems further down the line. With pet insurance, you can have peace of mind every time you bring your pet to Vet24 in Perth in knowing that you are not only taking care of your dog or cat, but also your wallet.

In addition, nobody plans for accidents or emergencies. If your dog or cat gets into an accident, or it is revealed that they have an illness or disease, you’ll feel much better for already having cat insurance or dog insurance in place.

Advantages of Cat Insurance and Dog Insurance

The main benefit to purchasing insurance for your furry friend is that you have the potential to be reimbursed for a big chunk of your pet’s bill. When emergency strikes, you can catch yourself paying upwards of $5,000 for veterinary care. Simply file a claim with your insurance company, and you’ll get most of that back in no time. No dipping into your family’s emergency fund here.

Another big advantage is that your pet doesn’t have to suffer through any illness or accident if you don’t have the funds at the moment to cover the costs of the bill.

If you have an exotic pet, another good thing about insurance is that it doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we!

Partnered Pet Insurance Providers

Below find the insurance providers that we are partnered with:

  • Bow Wow Meow: Helping protect Australian pets since 1995.
  • HCF: HCF understands that your pet is family.
  • Medibank: Offering a choice between 3 different cover options.
  • PetPlan: Build your policy from scratch.
  • Prosure-Vet’s Own Insurance: From accidental and illness to everyday wellness.
  • RSPCA: Claims up to $11,000 per year, and premiums help support the RSPCA.
  • Woolworths: Get a $50 Woolworths gift card with every new insurance policy.

Vet24 allows you to take the stress out of the insurance claim process, ensuring that customers and pets get the best service. Don’t allow your pet to go without insurance. Get in touch with us today in Perth with any questions or recommendations.



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