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Perth’s Expert Kitten and Puppy Vaccination Clinic

As one of Perth’s most caring and up to date veterinary clinics, Vet24 offers both puppy and kitten vaccinations. At Vet24 we follow the most modern vaccination protocols.

Vaccinations are essential for making sure that your puppy or kitten stays healthy. They can prevent potentially serious canine diseases such as distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis. Because puppy vaccinations are so vital to the health and wellbeing of your pet, we offer them in our young pet package and our wellness package, for both puppies and kittens.

What Do You Need To Vaccinate Against?

In Dogs-

Parvovirus – a highly infectious viral gastroenteritis. Depression, loss of appetite, severe vomiting and diarrhoea containing blood are some of the symptoms. Death can occur very quickly. The parvovirus is very resilient and will survive in the environment without a host for up to a year.

Distemper – a highly contagious disease producing symptoms such as conjunctivitis, nasal discharge, convulsive seizures and spinal cord damage. Treatment is often ineffective.

Hepatitis – in puppies can cause sudden death, whilst adult dogs may experience, weakness, fever, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and bleeding.

Canine Cough (Kennel Cough) – disease caused by bacterium and a virus. Affected dogs will have a hacking, distressing cough persisting for weeks. In puppies and older dogs the disease can be devastating.

In Cats-
Feline Leukaemia Virus – by attacking the immune system this virus makes cats more susceptible to infection and illness as well as prone to developing certain cancers. Symptoms include weight loss, lethargy, and poor health. There is no treatment for this fatal virus.

Feline Enteritis –A rapid onset disease which can often be fatal. Symptoms include high temperature, loss of appetite, depression, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Chlamydophila -  previously known as Chlamydia, primarily causes conjunctivitis in the eyes of young kittens aged 5-9 months.

Feline Respiratory Disease (Cat Flu) – causes sneezing, coughing, eye and nose discharge, loss of appetite and occasionally ulcers on the tongue. This can lead to severe dehydration and debilitation which can be fatal.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) – This blood borne virus causes Feline AIDS which can be fatal. Vaccination is available and will be recommended by our veterinarians if your cat is considered to be at risk. The virus interferes with the immune system, and initial symptoms such as fever, sores, lesions and diarrhoea progress to severe chronic infections as the immune system is overcome. There is no treatment or cure for the virus itself.

Importance of Kitten and Puppy Vaccinations

Puppies and kittens have a very standard schedule of vaccinations that need to be met during the first year of life. This is an important step in building your puppy’s immune system against future illnesses, as the role of vaccinations is to stimulate the immune system to respond. We follow a very up to date protocol and strive to administer vaccinations at the right time when the maternal antibodies that have been passed onto the pet have faded or are not high enough to stave off disease.

It is important to talk to the vet about the right amount and frequency of vaccinations depending on your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle.

How Often Should My Pet Be Vaccinated?

Kittens - Within Vet24 Perth’s vaccination protocol, kittens receive their first vaccination at 8 weeks of age. This needs to be followed up with another one at 12 weeks. In some cats, a 16 week vaccine may be required. A kitten can safely go outside ten days after the final vaccination. To maintain immunity, all adult cats require annual boosters.

Puppies – Within Vet24 Perth’s vaccination protocol, puppies receive their 1st vaccination at 8 weeks of age and then a 2nd dose at 12 weeks – followed then by an annual booster. Always consult with your veterinarian to determine which vaccines are appropriate for your puppy or kitten, sometimes high risk pets may require a different vaccination protocol.

Contact Vet24 today to discuss your kitten or puppy’s vaccination plan. Call us today on 08 9345 4644 or visit our clinic.

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