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General Vet Services

Vet24 is an emergency, 24-hour veterinary Hospital in Perth. We offer a full range of general vet services for all of your pet’s needs, from pet dental care packages to routine consultations for illness and general check-ups.

With a caring veterinarian team that is available any time of the day or night, every day of the year, we are fully equipped to take care of your pet’s complete health and wellbeing.

Some of our general vet services include:

Kitten and Puppy Vaccinations Clinic in Perth

Timely puppy vaccinations are very important if you want to build a healthy immune system for your dog. We offer core and non-core vaccinations. Likewise for your new kitten, following our recommended vaccination protocol will help keep your kitten healthy.

Read more about kitten or puppy vaccinations, or talk to our veterinarians about puppy and kitten vaccinations.

Dog and Cat Dental Care

We provide both dog and cat dental care in Perth. Dental disease is a common problem that affects domestic cats, especially if they mainly consume wet food. Cats are predatory by nature, with sharp teeth that are meant to grab prey. Domestic diets tend to harm rather than help their oral health.

With our dental packages, we can help you take care of your pet’s teeth from an early age, rather than treating serious gum and tooth issues when they occur later in life or threated overall health.

Cat and Dog Microchipping

Don’t wait for your pet to go missing before you consider microchipping . Not only is cat and dog microchipping required by law in Western Australia, but you will also get peace of mind knowing that if your pet goes missing, there is a much higher chance of them being found and returned to you.

A microchip is a small personal identification chip that is about the size of a grain of rice. The microchip insertion is quick and painless for your pet. If your pet is found, a local vet, animal shelter or local council can scan the chip to find your information and contact you with the good news. At Vet24, we offer discounted cat and dog microchipping prices to help make this easier for new pet owners.

Convenient, Affordable Health Care Packages

For added convenience, we’ve also packaged our general services into Vet Essentials health care packages, offering you simple and affordable vet care for your dog or cat. The cheaper routine care provided in our pet care packages, will help you avoid steep increases in your pet insurance premiums by reducing the volume of claims.

You’ll save money and time by investing in one easy annual payment, with total peace of mind for your pet’s health.

We’ve also created Jump Start Packages for young pets – comprehensive health care packages that cater specifically to young pet’s needs, with the aim to give your new kitten or puppy the best start on a long and healthy life.  Getting a new puppy or kitten can be overwhelming - these packages are designed to help simplify the most necessary veterinary care for your new pet.

Extended Consultation Hours at Vet24

Having trouble finding the time for your dog’s annual check-up? At Vet24 in Perth our fully trained and qualified veterinarians are available for routine consultations, 7am to 11pm. You don’t need to make an appointment and because we know you’re busy, we always have multiple vets consulting to reduce wait times.

In addition to consultations for general and specialist vet services, we also provide professional emergency animal care in our state-of-the-art 24-hour veterinary hospital – no appointment is needed for emergency situations.

Come to Vet24 for Veterinary Services in Perth!

To find out more about the general vet services we provide, or to discuss a consultation for your pet, call the Vet24 team on 08 9345 4644 or contact us online.

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