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Pet Treatment Packages – Affordable Vet Care in Perth!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the costs associated with having a pet? From the cost of adoption to puppy training classes and pet insurance, there’s a lot to consider and it’s important to get it all right.

If you’re looking for affordable vet care in Perth, you can really save money and time by investing in one easy annual payment. Our pet treatment packages won’t hurt your wallet and they will give you total peace of mind for your pet’s health and dental care. If your pet has been declined for pet insurance cover due to a chronic condition we can help keep those regular vet bills down. If you do have pet insurance, the cheaper routine care provided in our pet care packages, will help you avoid steep increases in your pet insurance premiums by reducing the volume of claims.

Read more about some of our great packages below!

Wellness Packages – Save Money on Vet Essentials

Our most popular of pet treatment packages, our wellness packages are tailored for dogs and cats. Prices vary depending on size, but the amazing offers stay the same!

Most pet insurance plans only cover your pet in the event of illness or accident. With our wellness packages, we take into account day-to-day expenses and needs. We address daily care and cover your pet for the full cost of yearly vaccinations and subsidised consultation fees, as well as 12 months of preventative health care and complimentary inclusions like nail clipping.

The following is covered in your pet treatment package:

  • Annual Vaccination – (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough for dogs; Cat Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia for cats)
  • 50% rebate on unlimited consultations
  • 12 months heartworm prevention (Proheart injection option available)
  • 12 months flea treatment
  • 12 months intestinal worm treatment
  • Complementary nail clips
  • 4 complementary baths (for dogs)
  • 10% discount on pet care, products and premium foods
  • 10% discount on prescription medications
  • 10% discount on all professional services

Dental Packages – Ensure Your Pet’s Oral Health

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems affecting pets these days. As dogs and cats are biologically suited to hunt, their teeth don’t remain as strong when eating wet food from a can. That’s why it’s very important to look after your pet’s teeth as you would your own to prevent plaque build-up and gum disease.

Vet24 focuses on preventative dental care for pets, helping you to take care of their teeth from an early age rather than just treating gum and tooth issues as they arise. This will save you much more time and money. Preventative dental care will also save your pet a lot of discomfort – not sure about your pet’s oral health? Come down to Vet24 for a free dental check, no appointment necessary.

Our affordable vet care dental packages include:

  • A Free Dental Check
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing for safety
  • General Anaesthesia
  • Full Dental Scale And Polish
  • A take home bag of dental goodies

Young Pet Packages – Jump Start Care for Pets

Giving your new puppy or kitten the right start in life is easy with Vet24’s young pet package. Early vet care is important, especially while newborn kittens and puppies are in their first stages of development [link to new page].

Being a new pet owner can be pretty daunting. Along with getting used to caring for a small animal and house training, worrying about things like vaccinations, flea control, food choices, heartworm prevention and sterilisation can be overwhelming.

That’s where our Young Pet Packages come in. Vet24 can help your pet get a jump start on enjoying a long and healthy life. Our pet treatment packages are designed to provide you with affordable vet care from the outset.

This package includes:

  • Microchipping and registration [link to new page]
  • Vaccinations
  • De-sexing (sterilisation)
  • Parasite, heartworm, flea treatments

Contact Vet24 in Perth for Affordable Vet Care!

Vet24 provides comprehensive and affordable pet treatment packages at our 24-hour, emergency animal hospital in Perth. Call us today on 08 9345 4644 or contact us online to sign up!

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