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For Veterinarians

Balcatta Veterinary Hospital greatly values our working partnership with fellow veterinary hospitals in Perth and rural locations. As always, we are available to receive your referrals for emergency and critical cases, and after-hours consultations when your clinic is normally closed. However, recently we have recognised a need to you to be able to offer your clients an affordable alternative for overnight care. As such, we are now excited to be able to provide to you and your clients a new service called the Overnight Treatment and Monitoring Package.

Overnight Treatment and Monitoring Package

This is a service for our referral veterinarians who would like their stable patients to be treated and monitored overnight, and then return back to their clinic in the morning.


i. Stable patient
ii. Normothermic or mildly hypothermic
iii. No major electrolyte or glucose abnormalities
iv. IV catheter already in place if fluid therapy is required
v. Urinary catheter already in placed if required

Examples of patients who would qualify

i. Post-op patients who require fluid therapy and analgesia
ii. Stable chronic renal failure patients who require fluid therapy
iii. Stable FLUTD cats who require fluid therapy and urinary catheter monitoring
iv. Simple gastroenteritis or pancreatitis cases who require fluid therapy and analgesia
v. Stable toxicity cases who require fluid therapy
vi. This list is certainly not exhaustive!


The cost to your client is $166. The client will pay this fee at the time of admission.

Included in the package

i. Consultation
ii. Overnight hospitalisation and nursing care
iii. TPR and BP at time of admission and once during the night
iv. Crystalloid fluids as requested by the referring veterinarian
v. Replacement IV catheter if required
vi. New bags of crystalloid fluids as required
vii. Administration of oral medication prescribed and dispensed by the referring veterinarian
viii. Injectable analgesia as prescribed by the referring veterinarian
ix. Morning exam

Treatments not included in the package

i. Oxygen therapy
ii. Colloid therapy
iii. Blood products
iv. Placement of a NO/NG tube or a chest tube
v. Placement of a urinary catheter
vi. CRI of any medications other than fentanyl, unless the medication is dispensed by the referring veterinarian
vii. Clinical pathology tests
viii. Diagnostic imaging
ix. Medications other than injectable analgesia

How does a veterinary clinic refer a patient to us for Overnight Treatment and Monitoring Package?

The process of referring a patient to us is very simple. Firstly, please have one of your veterinarians call us and speak to one of our hospital veterinarians prior to the referral to give them a summary of the case. Secondly, fill out one of the OTMP request forms which will outline your treatment plan for the patient. This form can be faxed to us or brought in by the client. Thirdly, please fax or send with the client a copy of any medical notes, blood tests or diagnostic imaging results.

What happens the morning after hospitalisation?

Every patient will receive a morning exam by one of our veterinarians. All patients will then be discharged by 9am by one of our nursing staff. According to your instructions, the patients will either go back to your clinic or be sent home. If the patient is to be sent home in the morning, we request that you organise all home medications and discharge notes to be given to the client prior to their presentation at Balcatta Veterinary Hospital. If the patient is to be sent back to your clinic, it is the responsibility of the client to be able to pick them up and transport them to you.

What if a patient becomes unstable during the night?

All of the patients who are referred to us for the Overnight Treatment and Monitoring Package have an intial consultation with one of our veterinarians to assess the stability of the patient prior to hospitalisation. This ensures that we only have stable patients admitted into the hospital under the package and helps to prevent clients incurring any unexpected costs. However there are unusual cases when a patient may become unstable unexpectedly during the night. If that occurs, then our overnight veterinarians will call the client to inform them of the deterioration and any further treatment and costs that we recommend. Except for resuscitation, we will not perform any treatments without the clients's consent.

What if there is a patient for referral that does not meet the criteria for the package?

There are many cases that may not fit the criteria for our Overnight Treatment and Monitoring Package. Examples include patients that require blood products, oxygen therapy, temperature regulation, diagnostics, anaesthetics, surgery or feeding tube placement. Balcatta Veterinary Hospital is always happy to accept referrals from veterinary clinics, regardless of the case. If the patient does not fit the criteria then please call us to speak to one of the veterinarians so that we can discuss treatments that may be required and give you an estimate of costs. You can then discuss this with your clients and let us know if you will be proceeding with the referral.

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