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For Clients

Balcatta Veterinary Hospital is Perth's only private 24-hour full service veterinary hospital. In addition to our own general practice, we offer a variety of emergency referral services to other Perth clinics and their clients.

Our Services:

Overnight Monitoring. Your vet can refer your pet here in non-critical cases for overnight monitoring, and then request transfer back to their clinic in the morning.

Urgent Consultation. Your vet may refer you and your pet to our hospital if they do not have any appointments available for that day and they feel your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

Emergency Referrals. Your pet may be referred here by your regular vet for management of an emergency crisis if they feel that it is in the best interest of your pet to do so.

After-Hours Referrals. You may choose to bring your pet here during the night or on the weekend when your regular vet clinic is closed. Your vet will inform you on their answering machine of our contact details. In most cases, if your pet needs a recheck after our after-hours consultation we will refer you back to your regular vet to have this done.

Specialised Equipment or Surgical Referrals. Occasionally your vet may refer a case that requires specialised equipment such as an endoscope or monitoring equipment. They may also refer your pet if emergency surgery is needed.

How to Be Referred:

The decision to bring your pet to us might arise from your regular veterinarian. They will contact us and send us the medical records, and usually specify if they would like your pet to be transferred back to them in the morning or kept at our hospital until treatment is complete. You may also ask your regular vet to refer your pet to us for overnight monitoring if they do not already provide overnight care.

In the event of an emergency, you are welcome to come here directly. In most after-hours cases we are unable to contact your regular veterinarian for your pet's medical history. Please bring any current medications and recent invoices that may identify medications given or treatment provided by your regular veterinarian.


During your pet's stay they may be under the care of more than one veterinarian and nursing staff. This is unavoidable in a 24-hour hospital where staff work in shifts, however patient care is our priority and your pet's treatment will not be compromised.

Waiting Times:

Although we will endeavour to give priority to referred patients, Balcatta Vet Hospital operates under a triage system. This means that emergency or life-threatening cases will take priority. Although your pet may have been examined by your regular veterinarian, there are times when one of our veterinarians may need to re-examine your pet prior to admission to hospital. Please allow sufficient time for your visit as during peak times there may be unexpected delays.

Transferring Your Pet:

Please note that we do not routinely transfer patients back to your regular vet for you. If a transfer is required then this will need to be organised by you or your regular veterinarian. Some cases may require our staff to transfer patients, however this is limited to very critical cases that are anaesthetised, paralysed or require oxygen during transport. This is done by our experienced nursing staff who will provide constant monitoring during the transfer.

When Your Pet is Discharged from Hospital:

Once your pet is discharged from hospital a full report, including radiographs and laboratory results, will be sent back to your regular vet detailing your pet's treatment. For serious cases that are being transferred back to your regular vet , or for critical cases that will continue to have treatment with us, our vets will additionally call your regular vet every morning to discuss the case in full.

Costs and Account Payments:

Prior to admitting your pet into hospital or undertaking any treatment, we will give you an estimate of expected costs. A deposit will be requested at the time of admission. For patients that require a longer stay in hospital, the costs will be updated daily and you may be required to update your deposit periodically. Payment of your account is due at the end of each visit or prior to discharge of your pet after a hospital stay.

If you are being referred to us by your regular vet, please ask your veterinarian to phone us so that we can give an estimate of costs. Your vet can then explain your pet's condition, likely treatment and estimated costs prior to your transfer.

If you have any concerns regarding payment please notify the attending veterinarian as soon as possible.

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